26 March 2010

Dreams & Ideas...plus an update

Hello everyone! If you are reading this and you know us, that means that you have received our Thank You notes from the wedding! Thank you for joining us on our new blog. We are still in the process of getting our house set up...everyone told us that this was going to take a while and they were right! We have started our blog as a place to document the changes that we want to make to our house and to show our Before & Afters. Right now, we have a ton of Before pictures and not too many Afters! This is really just a place where we can gather our ideas and dreams to form an online inspiration board to help us design our 1957 ranch and to let you know about the family happenings...

Family Update: We are all doing well and enjoying our new family life. Reese is in kindergarten and loves it. She is beginning to read and is quite creative and makes us laugh all the time. Josh recently started a new job and is really enjoying it. I have been at my place of work for a little over 3 years and feel blessed to work with the awesome ladies that I work with! We are looking forward to the summer & working on our house!

So, here are some ideas & inspiration that I have found on the web...this is what I really love to do. I love art & design and I know that this will be something that I will eventually do for a living. Josh & I have very similar preferences when it comes to design, furniture & style...good thing! haha

Here is a partial shot of the front of our house (I will post a full photo soon). A brief history of our house: The builder of our neighborhood built this house for his own family in1957. A year later, he traded homes with another family, who lived nearby. They moved here in 1958 and lived here until about 2 years ago. The house went on the market in June & just a few days later, we put an offer on it...THANKS TO THE BEST REALTOR EVER. We didn't move in until September 1 (yes, a week after Reese started school and 3 weeks before the wedding. Yes, we are crazy!) The house was in need of updating, but the bones of the house are in great shape. The house has the mid-century charm that we love & that we will keep, while updating other areas of the house. Before we moved in Josh installed bamboo floors throughout our house, mostly by himself. He did a great job and we love the floors.

We have been dreaming and imagining what we could do with our house. What is life without dreams? Here are some of the things that I have found that I love:

{Before & After} from this amazing blog

{ohhhh, I LOVE these laundry rooms...now if the laundry could just fold itself!}

{I like what these rooms represent: modern, livable, comfortable & stylish}

{Below, Right: This is our sofa from Scandinavian Designs,
only ours is a darker shade of brown}

{This is part of an outdoor sectional sofa. Love it!}

{Some girly-style...maybe for my craft room?}

Well, we hope that you check back once in a while to say hello. We loved every minute of our wedding day and we are so happy that we shared it with you! Thank you for visiting our blog!

Josh & Elizabeth & Reese

28 January 2010

What? It is the 28th already? Eye Candy will have to do...

****Update**** It is now the 3rd of February and I am finally finishing this post. Josh & I talked about the blog last night & we are getting it together.

Well, here it is the 28th of January and this is the first post that we have written. I have a feeling that I might be the one who writes on our blog on a more frequent basis...Josh will probably enjoy it more once we have more After Photos to post!

So, in the meantime, I am going to post some eye candy...nothing mid-century specific, just some stuff that I like:

1: Starting with the photo below of a refurbished caboose, which belonged to the great Frank Sinatra. This is an excerpt from Architectural Digest:

“Orange is the happiest color,” Frank Sinatra said of his favorite hue, which showed up in his clothes and his houses. Sinatra bought a modest house at the Tamarisk Country Club in Rancho Mirage in the mid-1950s and lived there until May 1995. A caboose, a gift from some of his employees in 1971, became the compound’s full-service salon, complete with barber’s chair, a professional hair dryer, a massage table, a scale and a sauna, at rear."

Love the Orange & love the Plexiglas chair!

2: Maybe this would solve our problem: We have 3 small bedrooms, with no real place for a guest to stay. I could definitely make room for The Finn Lounger from CB2 in what is now my craft room. I just love it!

3: The furniture & accessories I could do without, but I am loving the bookcases: This is from Candice Bergen's house, also found on the Architectural Digest website. While the overall look is not our style, there is something about floor-to-ceiling white bookcases that make me drool. I also like the artwork on the wall leading out of the space.

4: I love this Peacock color. I was asked to help choose some new paint colors for our recent office remodel. I picked a color that was slightly lighter than the one that we ended up with, but it still looks really good. It is fresh & modern, without being The-Color-of-the-Moment, which usually leads to people getting tired of seeing it everywhere. This photo is from Apartment Therapy's House Tours: Best of 2009. This is actually the "bedroom" of a reader's 250sq ft studio in Santa Monica, CA.
Well, we are working on getting our Before & After photos organized and we are really looking forward to getting our blog up & running. Actually, I think that we are looking forward to starting some of the projects that we have waiting in the wings. I think that anyone who has a house that has required some updating or lots of work would agree that it is hard sometimes to find the balance between Home Maintenance & House Projects.

See you soon!

02 December 2009

Come In, Come In...

{the amazing Shel Silverstein}

Welcome to our new blog! We are working on getting all of our before (and some after!) photos organized, as well as our ever-growing Project List. We will officially begin our blog January 2010. We look forward to documenting the changes that we will be making to our 1957 brick ranch, as we restore and renovate. We are thrilled to be homeowners and we are glad that you will be with us on our new adventure!

Here are a few pictures:

{The front of the house & garage}
{The Patio & Backyard}

{The Checker Board Wall & Fireplace-notice the enormous "logs"-
just a little disproportionate to the relatively small fireplace}

{The front of the house}
We love this house.
Can't wait for the adventure to begin...